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Artist statement

Why I make things

My art practice is most often based on the use of ceramic materials. To touch and manipulate clay is a purposeful and emotional experience. The plasticity of a clay body allows me the freedom to manipulate the form with flexibility and create intentional forms that possess soft and flowing movements. The physical tendencies of clay permit an uninhibited conversation between the creator and material to cultivate fluid making. The aspect of creating that incites my work is the unique nature by which my movement influences the clay. It is the dialogue between my touch and the material that allows the creation of something entirely new to be brought into existence. My intention is to provoke the same sense of potential, uncertainty, and wonder in the viewer that I feel in the creation process.

Through utilizing ceramic materials I am able to contextualize the fascination I experience when forming the clay. Though the finished product is intended to incite interaction from the viewer; the act of making is entirely for my own learning. Ceramics remains the driving force in my creative process as it allows me to use touch to affect the outcome of the work directly. The malleability of clay allows unrestricted expression and experimentation; it is this freedom that grants me the ability to surpass what I perceive to be my own limitations.

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